Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Top Beauty Hacks!


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've had assessments in school and stuff....
I thought I'd post some of my favourite beauty hacks for you all to read and hopefully learn something :)

Beauty Hacks!

  • Leave a spoon in warm water, dry it when it's needed and curl your eyelashes with it. Just hold it against them for a little while and apply mascara as normal!
  • Add a touch of white eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye so you look more awake.
  • Apply concealer under your eye in a triangle shape for a better effect.
  • Use a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer as a base for foundation for better coverage.
  • Paint two or more colours of nail varnish on a makeup sponge and dab it on your nails for an ombré look.
  • Boil a kettle and hold wet nail polish(on your nails)over the stream very carefully to make your nails matte.
  • Swipe clear mascara over your eyebrows to keep them in place.
  • Apply a coat of mascara, dab baby powder on them, then apply a second coat for fuller looking eyelashes.
  • Wrap a rubber band around your nails to make a French manicure.
  • Braid your hair then straighten it for wavy hair.
  • Use sticky tape to get a perfect winged eyeliner look.
  • Don't pump your mascara in and out, it lets air in that will dry it up.

I hope some of these are useful to you and that you will try them out! 
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Lots of love,

Gillian xoxo

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mini Drugstore Haul+Reviews!

I recently went into town with my friend and I thought I would do a little haul and some reviews for you all!

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer

Colour: 010 Ivory

Price: £5.99

Bought In: Boots

I was looking for a new concealer and this one is great! It matches my skin tone perfectly which is really difficult because I'm so pale and it blends really well. It doesn't have a lot of coverage but if you build it up then it can cover blemishes and dark circles very well. My friends has told me that it works well with the matching foundation but they had no Ivory in stock.
Superdrug Powder Brush
Colour: /
Price: £3.99
Bought In: Superdrug

I needed a new powder brush because my old one was a bit tired and I'm a fan of the Superdrug brushes. This one is great! It's got loads of bristles and they're soft and gentle on my skin. My only problem is that even though I haven't washed it and I use the brush guard which it came with, some of the hairs have fallen out. Not loads but around five or six already have and I've used it four times. It smells very plastic-y but I would recommend it because it's got a sturdy handle and works really well :)
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Colour: 01Transparent
Price: 3.99
Bought It: Boots

I can't tell you all how much I love this powder! This is my second one and I love it so much! Even though I don't have really oily skin, I take this to school for after PE and I use some in the morning to set my concealer and foundation. I chose the transparent one because I find the coloured ones can rub off onto my white school shirt :/  It stays on for ages and is really great at stopping your face from looking shiny. The lid comes off quite easily so I put a hair bobble round it, the lid is also really weak and mine has a crack up the side. It doesn't have a powder pad or a mirror which I think some people need but I don't because I use the mirrors in school and I have a mini powder brush for school and I really hate powder pads. Overall it's really good! 

Hope you all enjoyed this little haul. Please leave requests down below or comment your views on any of these. Also, I'm looking for a new foundation so any recommendations are welcome!

Lots of love,

Gillian xoxo

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Makeup Review: Mascara By Miss Sporty

Mascara By Miss Sporty

Colour: 101 Clear

Price: £2.99

Bought In: Superdrug

This is a really good product! My school isn't too strict on makeup but if yours is then this is prefect for you. I can't be bothered spending time removing coloured mascara on a school night so I wear this to school because it also works as a lash conditioner. I put it on in the morning and most of it comes off when I wash my face at night, it saves me so much time!

I also like this product because it's great for doing your eyebrows. I don't fill mine in so I just sweep the brush over them and they stay in a nice shape for the day :) At the weekend, or if I'm going somewhere interesting, I'll wear black or brown mascara on my top eyelashes and this on the bottom, it's perfect for this because it doesn't show if you get it on your skin and it can't run and leave big black streaks down your face! After I wash my face at night, my eyelashes feel really soft and lovely because of this product. I'm currently on my second tube of this stuff and I washed and kept the brush to use as an eyebrow and lash comb because it's easy to remove the mascara from the brush.
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Monday, 23 February 2015

Makeup Review: Baby Lips by Maybelline

Hello :)

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Baby Lips by Mabelline

Colour: Pink Punch

Price: £2.99

Bought in: Boots

I quite like this product because it's great for taking to school with me and it smells sooooo gooood! It's got a pink tint which can be quite annoying because I can't get it to look good with anything! It's quite Barbie pink and I often find it a little too pink. It hydrates your lips really well though.

You do get a lot for your money, which I like, and it's really good for keeping lips soft for quite a while which is really great for school. I also like how there is a whole range of colours and some are medicated. However, I'm from the UK and we only have around 11 types available and I know that other countries have loads. We have the 6 original ones, three Dr Rescue flavours and two of the really bright Electro colours.
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Sunday, 22 February 2015


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